Over the past few months, Zayn Cypher, known for his breathtaking portraits and vibrant cityscapes, has embarked on a special mission: to explore and capture the tattooed women of Neonvoxis in their urban environment. In a city where every second woman is heavily tattooed, his latest photo series takes us on a journey through this pulsating metropolis, where tattoos are cherished as expressions of individuality, creativity, and self-realization.

In times of cyber-implants for self-optimization, tattoos in Neonvoxis are considered the gentlest way to modify one’s body. In this first part of the series, we find an impressive variety of styles and designs, ranging from traditional patterns to avant-garde creations. One of the highlights of the series is a portrait of a young woman whose entire arm is covered in a technically sophisticated biomechanical tattoo, symbolizing the fusion of human and machine.

Cypher has placed particular emphasis on the visual merging of tattoos and clothing in his series, as well as capturing the women in diverse urban settings. In many of his images, tattoos and the clothes worn blend so seamlessly together that they are hardly distinguishable from each other. This highlights the harmonious integration of body art and fashion in Neonvoxis‘ culture, while the urban backdrops provide a dynamic and captivating atmosphere.

In the heart of Neonvoxis, tattoos are the whispers of souls, and each intricate design tells a story that transcends the boundaries of time and technology.

Zayn Cypher’s photo series „Women and Their Tattoos in Neonvoxis“ is not only an homage to body art and the fascinating futuristic world in which it exists but also a reminder of the diversity and beauty that often hides in the shadows of the urban landscape. This first part of the series invites us to view the city of Neonvoxis and its inhabitants with fresh eyes and to discover the hidden treasures and stories inscribed in their skin, all set against the vibrant urban canvas of their city. Stay tuned for the upcoming installments of this captivating series, as we continue to explore the world of body art in Neonvoxis.

We are proud to present this exclusive photo series to you.


Zayn Cypher was born and raised in the bustling city of NeonVoxis. From a young age, Zayn developed a deep fascination with body art, seeing it as a visual language unique to his city’s inhabitants. As a photographer, he honed his skills to capture the essence and stories of his subjects through their tattoos. Over the years, Zayn gained recognition in the world of photography, showcasing the fusion of technology, culture, and personal expression in his work.