In this second part of the series, Zayn Cypher continues his exploration of the tattooed women of NeonVoxis, showcasing a new selection of striking and powerful portraits. With his keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of each subject, Cypher masterfully presents the rich tapestry of body art that adorns the women of this futuristic city.

One of the standout images in this installment features a woman with a mesmerizing, full-back tattoo that depicts a cityscape of NeonVoxis, complete with its iconic neon lights and towering skyscrapers. The piece serves as a testament to the deep connection between the city’s inhabitants and their environment. Another image shows a mother and daughter, both adorned with matching floral tattoos, symbolizing their unbreakable bond and shared love for body art.

As with the first part of the series, Cypher places emphasis on the harmonious integration of tattoos with clothing and the urban environment. The subjects are photographed in various settings across the city, with their body art seamlessly blending into the background or contrasting with the futuristic architecture, creating a striking visual experience for the viewer.

Tattoos in NeonVoxis are the visual poetry of our lives, etched on the canvas of our skin, reflecting the vibrant spirit and resilience of the city’s inhabitants.

In this second installment of „Women and Their Tattoos in NeonVoxis,“ Zayn Cypher once again brings the hidden beauty of the city’s tattoo culture to light. As he so eloquently stated, „In the heart of NeonVoxis, tattoos are the whispers of souls, and each intricate design tells a story that transcends the boundaries of time and technology.“ This photo series not only highlights the incredible talent of the artist himself but also serves as a celebration of the diversity and individuality that can be found in the ever-evolving world of body art in NeonVoxis. We eagerly await the upcoming installments in this remarkable series and the captivating stories they are sure to unveil.

We are proud to present this exclusive photo series to you.


Zayn Cypher was born and raised in the bustling city of NeonVoxis. From a young age, Zayn developed a deep fascination with body art, seeing it as a visual language unique to his city’s inhabitants. As a photographer, he honed his skills to capture the essence and stories of his subjects through their tattoos. Over the years, Zayn gained recognition in the world of photography, showcasing the fusion of technology, culture, and personal expression in his work.