The Story

This is NeonVoxis - the City of Cyberpunk-Sound

The industrial and futuristic nature of this city, with all its emotional facets, serves as the inspiration for our tracks.

Neonvoxis, the thriving cyberpunk metropolis, is home to a diverse population of over 12 million inhabitants. People from all walks of life coexist in this futuristic city, united by their pursuit of progress and innovation. The city's vibrant districts and state-of-the-art technologies draw in a constant influx of new residents, fueling its growth and prosperity. As the heart of cutting-edge advancements, Neonvoxis stands as a symbol of human ingenuity and a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

City Districts


In Neonvoxis, a multitude of languages are spoken, as the city is a melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities from around the world and space. However, the most commonly used language is Neo-Common, a lingua franca developed from elements of multiple languages to facilitate communication between the diverse groups.

Neo-Common combines grammar, vocabulary, and expressions from English, Mandarin, Spanish, and other significant languages, as well as incorporating technical jargon from technology, science, and cyberculture. This unique language has evolved and adapted over time to meet the needs of Neonvoxis' residents and promote cultural exchange.

In addition to Neo-Common, many other languages are spoken in Neonvoxis, and it is not uncommon for inhabitants to be proficient in multiple languages or even use AI-assisted translation devices to overcome language barriers.

Text-Example in Neo-Common

"Neonvoxis, ðæt wundorland wēa technologie, brēoð æt ðæt forefront innovation. Wēa cyberskyscrapers þrym hēah, glōwan ān myriad hues, meld wēa æld world æċ ymbryne. Divided intō districts, Neonvoxis hæfþ ðæt best wēa bōþ worlds - modern āc traditional, science āc mysticism. Hēr, drēamers, explorers, āc þā þæt ðurhstīgan boundaries stand eallgylden."

English Translation

Neonvoxis, the wonderland of technology, breathes at the forefront of innovation. The towering cyber-skyscrapers, glowing in a myriad of hues, meld with the old world surroundings. Divided into districts, Neonvoxis possesses the best of both worlds - modern and traditional, science and mysticism. Here, dreamers, explorers, and those who push boundaries stand united.

Please note that the content on this website is maintained in Old English, rather than Neo-Common, in order to preserve the authentic essence and rich history of NeonVoxis. Here, we have compiled a list of common Earth expressions translated into Neo-Common for you.

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